About us

As a Language Service Provider (LSP), Verbalab aims to differentiate.

We provide tailor-made solutions to each customer, no matter the project, no matter the requirements. In order to deliver excellent personal customer services, high-quality results, and affordability, we:

  • Maintain a comprehensive project-management process.
  • Communicate with the customer as frequently as needed, reassuring all requirements are met and applying new demands along the way.
  • Use the latest Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, ensuring speedy process.
  • Use Quality Assurance and Terminology Management tools, providing consistency and a zero-fault output.
  • Abide by deadlines and requirements.
  • Apply multiple checks, thus, eliminating any mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and reassuring terminological consistency.
  • Apply final document formatting.
  • Request your feedback with online questionnaires upon project delivery, as well as with regular follow-ups throughout the process, if necessary.

In order to provide high-quality language services, Verbalab collaborates solely with specialized professionals: linguists who are the absolute experts in their field, always expanding their skills and reaching for continuous improvement.

We build solid and long-lasting relations with our linguists, a mentality we also apply with our customers. You can take advantage of our lasting partnership, earning discounts and special offers.

We value our work, following top-notch professional standards. You enjoy the assurance of working with highly expertized language specialists.

We are a lab passionate for words, taking down language barriers. You grow and accomplish your business goals without borders.