Copy-Editing and Review

A copy-editor and a reviewer are quite often mistaken as the same. Copy-editing is essentially the language improvement of a text. It refers to the process of identifying grammar and syntax mistakes and oversights. Reviewing is a more broad process: identifying problems of meaning and content, preserving a singular register, finding formatting issues, and even applying scientific scrutiny when it comes to relevant texts.

Many people have acquired advanced writing skills, either due to a relevant field of academic study or simply by inclination. Nonetheless, some details and small flaws are identifiable only by an experienced professional. Detecting and correcting these details will transform a great text into an excellent one!

Copy-editing and reviewing require advanced knowledge and use of software necessary for the specific task, long-lasting experience on a variety of texts, and continuous professional training and development.

When it comes to specialized texts, such as postgraduate treatises (Master and PhD theses) or academic papers, Verbalab assigns your project to a professional reviewer with the relative specialization.

We love looking for small details that will enhance your writings and captivate your audience.