Literature and the Humanities

At Verbalab, we love books, comics, subscription journals, news blogs. With solid experience in translating texts that cover a broad spectrum in the humanities and literature, our team undertakes any text that can be titled as “non-technical”. We have completed various projects, translation and reviewing alike, in the following fields:
  • Archaeology (prehistoric, classical, byzantine-medieval)
  • History (prehistoric, classical, byzantine-medieval, modern)
  • Literature
  • Philology
  • Linguistics
  • Social science
  • Anthropology

Contrary to what is generally believed, literature is a genre presenting quite often more difficulties than other translation fields. Translators must familiarize themselves with the author’s register –within a short time– and essentially translate the author’s personality. They also need to preserve (to the maximum possible extent) language choices and morphology-syntax structures.

Literature translators may often search for hours and days for concepts, historical events and developments, as well as technical, medical, and legal terminology, in order to provide an accurate translation. They are required to hold the highest knowledge standards of their native and target language to comprehend every single bit of language peculiarities.

Our team meets all these requirements and never stops developing. We also work with copy-editors and reviewers with long-lasting experience, as well as with graphic designers and professionals in the printing area. Verbalab can provide end-to-end guidance to complete any venture you might have in the publishing industry.