The most updated accurate maps of Greece

Among the tasks we deliver to Geopsis, we renew their website language content on a regular basis. We also proofread and edit their print material, like the following hiking & travel guides.


Our cooperation with the Publishing House NK Media Group has produced several bilingual history volumes.


AkzoNobel Coatings SA, the Greek company of AkzoNobel group, the global leader of powder coatings, entrusts us with their translation projects, either administrative, or technical and marketing.

Dimosdata, a digital portal providing information services to Local Government Organizations, has assigned to us the proofreading and editing of its massive text volume ever since its first launch.

The Public Benefit Organisation of the Municipality of Kavala has assigned to us, among other projects, the translation of a website and the subtitling task for a short film regarding the city’s history.

The advertising company DK Advertising has entrusted to us, among other projects, to deliver subtitles for a short documentary promoting select Greek products, namely the fig of Kimi and the famous mastic of Chios, within the framework of the project "mastiha & fig. Precious products of the Aegean".

We pride ourselves on rendering in Greek one of Peter Shaffer’s masterpieces, Black Comedy, for the theater group "Korona Grammata".