Technical Translations

The term “technical translations” is descriptive of a quite extensive area. It incorporates translations in various fields: industry, digital technologies, telecommunications, architecture, electrical engineering, metallurgy, agronomy, maritime shipping, topography, mechanical engineering… The list is immense!

Translating technical texts is a task demanding a particular set of skills. Technical terminology, text style, technical specifications: such features call for a corresponding experience. When it comes to technical translations, among the top priorities for the linguist is to retain a deep and solid understanding of the field, in order to secure flawless rendering of the source document. Verbalab makes sure to assign technical projects to associates upholding the respective scientific expertise. Some of the document types we have translated:

  • User manuals of household appliances, tools, machinery, mobile phones, laptops
  • Industrial and workplace safety regulations
  • Telecommunication and informatics
  • Patents and standards
  • Certifications
  • Software localization
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical surveys, studies, and reports

Whether you require the translation of any device or appliance user manual, or of important papers of your business, related to technological products and services, Verbalab will address your every requirement.