Website localization

 In order to expand your business ventures abroad, it is imperative to maintain a multilingual online presence. A website translated in more languages attracts more visitors and increases the numbers of potential clients.

Companies looking for international expansion are not the only ones seeking to have their websites translated. It is self-implied that even if your clientele is local, it is no longer a single language community. Get a website translation quote and expand your target-audience.

Companies and businesses, though, are not the only parties retaining a web presence. News agencies, sports clubs, cultural foundations, scientific institutions, they also rely heavily on their websites.

Your website, of business-nature or other, must provide your message in the target-language in a clear, sharp, and attractive yet straightforward manner.

Verbalab can localize the content of your website in its source-code files (XML, PHP,  HTML, or other), preserving its formatting (tags). In this way, you save valuable time that would have been spent with traditional text files, which would require copying and formatting texts in your website manually.